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22 June 2008

Madhur Jaffrey update, Florence and Sparkle Motion (random blatherings)

After finding Madhur Jaffrey, tonight was the first opporunity to try cooking her food from scratch, and I must admit to being very impressed…

Three dishes: Neela’s Aubergine and Potato, recepie available here, with an earthy flavour – you can taste what aubergine actually tastes like, Mattar Paneer (recepie here) creamy, sweet and spicy indian cheese with peas, and Mushrooms with onion, garlic and ginger – fabulously tomatoey, savoury and citrussy flavours…

It was a fair amount of work but an absolute triumph for both of us, so I had to update!

Still looking for somewhere to stay in Florence in the meanwhile, have found a few options with Tripadvisor but haven’t had the time to search prices etc yet – the website has a great map function, displaying the top hotels on a map which you can zoom, move and re-load to give the top 25 hotels in whatever area you choose.

I’m busy watching Donnie Darko to entertain myself this evening before another hectic week at work…

Sparkle Motion!


Finding Madhur Jaffrey

15 June 2008

A great find today from the book stall in Camden Market – The Madhur Jaffrey Cookbook (published 1992) for £6.95 (it was £17 to buy in 1992!) – two-thirds of the book is Eastern Vegetarian Cooking, perfect for me. I’ve always wanted proper Madhur Jaffrey book and you cannot get more proper Madhur Jaffrey than this!

The Madhur Jaffrey Cookbook

The trouble now is actually using it, unless I’m planning what to cook in the morning so I can call in and buy the ingredients on the way home it may sit there relatively unused. I hope not. It’s pictured here outside of the nice organic deli (‘My Village’) on Chalk Farm Road where we ate spinach tortilla and drank coffee in the sun.

Meanwhile I am still wondering about Italy, we may look at hiring a car for the coastal days so we can travel about a bit (thanks nathaliewithanh for the suggestion, would be great to make it up there).

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