Airport Observations

12 July 2011

I write this as I wait at Warsaw Airport. I was rather early to arrive – well, I hot here the full two hours before departure. Being British – or, more accurately, having lived in London for many years – I was worried the Airport bus would get held up in traffic and not stick to timetable. Of course, it did, and i have been rattling around Lotensko Chopin since.

I noticed a lot of other people around the airport as I waited. Not just games of Gay Or European (what an amazing game!) but also Where The Heck Is He From?

Sat in the cafe it was amusing to watch the two obviously eastern European guys who came in at 7:15pm. They ordered two Vodka, straight. Plenty of harsh looks at each other and others. Of course – Russian. They were the ones the flight to Moskau (from the adjacent gate) had already been calling for five minutes (it was due to leave yet they still had time for Vodka).

The annoying kid running about in the terminal? Well, turned out he was American (although flying within Europe).

The woman in floral print Polyester? Flying to Bulgaria.

Efficiently packed tall people? Amsterdam.

It’s amazing to watch different individuals subconsciously fulfilling national stereotypes.

I’m not sure I conform to any Particular stereotype (except when I’m consciously playing up to it!). If you know me, and want to prove me wrong, please do comment on this post.

European life…

30 May 2011

I miss…

…these random moments. I muss talking to friends from other places. From places other than mine. From foreign places.

I miss foreigners.

It’s the excitement I miss. That thing that’s new. Different. Contradictory.

For a person that is always right i really miss being contradicted.

I miss European life.

I should live it more often.

Marriage, arguing, and always being right.

19 April 2011

Researchers have identified that married couples took it in turns to get their own way – but unmarried couples did not. The researchers, led by Alistair Munro, professor of economics at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, concluded that married couples "focused on maintaining fairness in their relationships".

Now there’s a problem here isn’t there. Because in an argument there’s usually a right and a wrong. It’s not all about compromise (what shall we do tonight, darling?) is it. But as Zoe Williams writes on the Guardian website real arguments in couples are seldom between two competing and equivalent positions; one is usually right, where the other is wrong.

Now, as somebody who’s always right, how could I possible agree to the randomness of only being right half the time? I guess I could construct an argument every time it’s my partner’s turn to be right so that he loses on trivial things, but I’m not sure that’s conducive to a long and happy marriage after we Wed in August is is?

A simple solution to save lives on London’s roads

18 April 2011

This post on the Guardian’s bike blog is a sad reminder of how a simple solution that can save lives is still to be implemented.

At 3:15pm on a pleasant and clear 5 April, at the junction of Camden Road and St Pancras Way in Camden, 20-year-old London Metropolitan University student Paula Jurek was first knocked down and then crushed by an articulated lorry. Her injuries were so severe that her life could not be saved even by the doctors who rushed to the scene from a practice 100 yards away.

Critically, accidents such as these can easily be prevented by an almost insultingly cheap and simple invention. The Trixi Mirror.

Please, read it and sign the petition.

Random. Moments in London: Sword Dancing, Camden

9 April 2011

A drink in my local gay pub gets interrupted by sword dancers. The Black Cap, 9th April 2011, 6pm.

Favourite stretches of road in London #1

9 April 2011

I especially like the double yellow lines. You’re not allowed to park on any side of this road.

Art, Soho Square, London

6 April 2011

6th April 2011

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