Airport Observations

12 July 2011

I write this as I wait at Warsaw Airport. I was rather early to arrive – well, I hot here the full two hours before departure. Being British – or, more accurately, having lived in London for many years – I was worried the Airport bus would get held up in traffic and not stick to timetable. Of course, it did, and i have been rattling around Lotensko Chopin since.

I noticed a lot of other people around the airport as I waited. Not just games of Gay Or European (what an amazing game!) but also Where The Heck Is He From?

Sat in the cafe it was amusing to watch the two obviously eastern European guys who came in at 7:15pm. They ordered two Vodka, straight. Plenty of harsh looks at each other and others. Of course – Russian. They were the ones the flight to Moskau (from the adjacent gate) had already been calling for five minutes (it was due to leave yet they still had time for Vodka).

The annoying kid running about in the terminal? Well, turned out he was American (although flying within Europe).

The woman in floral print Polyester? Flying to Bulgaria.

Efficiently packed tall people? Amsterdam.

It’s amazing to watch different individuals subconsciously fulfilling national stereotypes.

I’m not sure I conform to any Particular stereotype (except when I’m consciously playing up to it!). If you know me, and want to prove me wrong, please do comment on this post.

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