Marriage, arguing, and always being right.

Researchers have identified that married couples took it in turns to get their own way – but unmarried couples did not. The researchers, led by Alistair Munro, professor of economics at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, concluded that married couples "focused on maintaining fairness in their relationships".

Now there’s a problem here isn’t there. Because in an argument there’s usually a right and a wrong. It’s not all about compromise (what shall we do tonight, darling?) is it. But as Zoe Williams writes on the Guardian website real arguments in couples are seldom between two competing and equivalent positions; one is usually right, where the other is wrong.

Now, as somebody who’s always right, how could I possible agree to the randomness of only being right half the time? I guess I could construct an argument every time it’s my partner’s turn to be right so that he loses on trivial things, but I’m not sure that’s conducive to a long and happy marriage after we Wed in August is is?

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