Trendy Cabbage

15 March 2011

This week the wonderful Oliver Thring is considering cabbage in his Word of Mouth blog on the Guardian. "Cabbage has never been sophisticated, and it will never be trendy. People often complain about it, calling it boring or smelly or dull, but you could never denounce it as stuck-up or poncy.", he says.

I say no! Cabbage can be trendy! Here’s my reply:

"Oliver, I am shocked that you think cabbage is not, nor will be, trendy. Some of the trendiest stews I know (yes, I know what I just said) are cavolo nero feasts! Kale is a trendy dish in trendy Brooklyn restaurants I frequented on my visit last year. And kimchi is served with everything in funky Soho oriental eateries.

I love my cabbage. And all of it. As a vegetarian frequenter of your posts I applaud you for your recognition of it’s variety, the qualities it brings to a dish. It’s almost a substitute for meat on it’s own (unless, like my mother, you only know about peppered/buttered boiled white cabbage – which certainly has it’s place in my diet still).

I, for one, will continue to munch my way, like a very hungry caterpillar, through the vast variety of cabbage-type deliciousness I can – now get the stores around me to expand their horizons and serve more than the bog standard fare!"

I need a diary secretary

14 March 2011

…I just had to write this email to my poor friend Matt:

Until Saturday I was double booked on Monday. I then rearranged one Monday to the Tuesday. Then I realised I’d double booked Tuesday. So I rearranged Tuesday to Thursday. Since then Monday cancelled and I moved Tuesday to Monday but Tuesday had actually been tripple booked originally. So Monday is now Monday. Tuesday 1 is Tuesday. Tuesday 2 is Thursday. Wednesday is Wednesday and Friday I am going home. All of which means I had actually double booked you on Thursday so can we meet another time instead… maybe next Thursday?

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