String covers

6 September 2010

One of my twitter followers this week directed me to the Vitamin String Quartet. Ever wondered what Queen sounds like covered by four string players? Well, listen here. AWESOME.

Or perhaps Wonderwall? Or even Lady Gaga…..

(slightly odd Eastern European feel to this one!)

Or Michael Jackson

Coffee Crisis

6 September 2010

It’s the end of the summer holidays. The tubes are busy again, even at 8am, and even though there’s a tube strike from this evening. Tanned people in the office are looking depressed. And the coffee shop can’t get things right. This mornings trials have also included a coffee crisis.

I’m a caffine addict. I admit. Coffee before I leave the house and a double espresso at work. Given that my new closest coffee shop is a Costa, rather than a Nero, I’ve changed my double espresso to a double macchiato (Costa’s coffee is much more bitter). Except this morning’s – despite their insistance that it wasn’t – was clearly a single. I saw the other half of the coffee shot left behind on the machine! Not only that but on my return trip, to caffine-up, the macchiato turned into a cross-breed mini-americano with a cappuccino head.

How I’m supposed to work like this I don’t know. The first day when my commute returns to Victoria-line hell as well as being a typical Monday, I need some coffee-TLC, not coffee chaos.


Disconnections, missed connections

5 September 2010

So up until Friday I didn’t know what my plans were. Actually, no, I knew some of them. My partner’s mother is visiting from overseas, and they’re traveling from London to Italy and spending a week and a half traveling around. Nothing more beautiful than September in Rome. At the end of September they’re heading to Venice for the weekend where I agreed to join them.

But of course, with starting a new job, I had no idea what was in the diary. Then I discover, the Thursday I’m going to join them in Venice, I have meetings in both Brussels and Edinburgh. Of course the first task is to work out which I’m going to (easier said than done). (I’ve now decided).

But you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get between the two. There are no direct trains (my preferred means of transportation) from Brussels. I could get an overnight train via Paris and Milan for £200 however. Or fly Ryanair for £30.

I hate Ryanair. Yes, they get you from A – B yada yada yada – and they’re cheap. I can cope with cheap. I can cope with all their extra charges. But what I can’t cope with is the fact that they purposely make the whole experience as unpleasurable as possibly. From their garish clunky website to the INYOURFACEYELLOW on the plane itself (I’m saying nothing about the overlyabrupt cabin crew). I’d really rather not arrive at my destination angry and irritated by the experience of getting there.

Anyway, that’s all irrelevant now as I’m actually going from Edinburgh. And could have gotten from Edinburgh to Venice on an appropriately timed flight (arriving that night, not changing at Heathrow overnight) with Lufthansa… but for £650 (£230 single). How can it cost so much more than a return to go one way? The £230 of course isn’t too bad. But as I have to get back to London it’s a waste of money and a seat.

Anyway, I’ve now resolved the problem. Increasing my carbon footprint, and tiredness in the process, by traveling back to London and catching an early morning flight the following day. Oh and missing out on most of a day’s holiday.

In an uber-connected world easy to forget that getting from A to B isn’t easy. And I’m lucky – I have the resources to do it.

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