Strikes and Bikes

There’s a tube strike in London today. You can tell this by people who don’t even live in London complaining about "workshy leftie tube drivers" and people who do live in London just getting on with life. The roads are busier – plenty of cycles, but many more cars. The buses – some of them at least – are busier (east-west routes seem to be busiest).

Most places in central London are walkable. And, if you spare enough time, you can get from Paddinton, Waterloo, Victoria, Euston, St Pancras and King’s cross to most of the West End and even towards the City within half an hour (yet of course it’s those commuters who come in by train that will queue for and clog up the buses).

Boris may not have [yet?] negotiated the promised no-strike deal with Tube workers but thank goodness he continued taking forward Ken Livingstone’s Cycle Hire Scheme (dubbed Boris Bikes) –

I live a short walk from some of the northern-most docking stations on the outskirts of Zone 1 – my station of choice (after correctly guessing the nearest tube station would be closed) was Mornington Crescent. 25 minutes later after battling taxis and drivers who rarely venture into central London I’d successfully navigated my way through Regent’s Park, Portland Place, across Oxford Street to Bond Street, circumnavigating Piccadilly and reaching Green Park (access to the Mall being closed) and swung around Buck House to Victoria. A friendly gentleman was already waiting to pick up my still-warm-saddled bike and take it back the other way.

Even if there hadn’t have been any bikes a couple of buses or a walk would have easily brought me to my location – albeit taking a little while. The exercise keeps me healthy, and it was a beautiful cool autumnal morning. (I might have been writing something very different had it been raining of course).

So all you outoftowners stop blethering about workshy tube drivers and get on your bike – physically, or metaphorically.

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