Lies, Damn Lies and Luxembourg

I was reading about Luxembourg this morning.

That source of all knowledge Wikipedia had some amazing information on the country (Michael Scott, the David Brent of the American Office once said that because anybody can contribute to Wikipedia you know you’re getting the best possible information). It’s an unusual country, it is the world’s only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy, and it’s landlocked position provides a strange statistical quirk.

"Luxembourg consumes the most alcohol in Europe per capita. However, the large proportion of alcohol purchase by customers from neighboring countries contributes to the statistically high level of alcohol consumption per capita; this level of consumption is thus not representative of the actual alcohol consumption of the Luxembourg population."

Fascinating, eh?

2 Responses to Lies, Damn Lies and Luxembourg

  1. Have you ever been to Luxembourg? It’s hardly surprising alcohol consumption is so high…linguistically though, it’s a fascinating place!

  2. thelayoftheland says:

    I haven’t been… yet… but am very much looking forward to it for all those reasons!

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