Goldfrapp Cerrone Houdini

I saw the words ‎”Cologne Cerrone Houdini” on facebook today. Of course my first thought was “what the heck is that all about?”. (Well, wouldn’t you?)…

Turns out it’s Goldfrapp lyrics (I should perhaps have guessed). But, still, what on earth is that all about? My friend who posted it pointed me to a website which answers all your song lyric questions.

It’s interesting to note that this track marks yet another reference to French disco legend Cerrone (Supernature is also the name of a classic Cerrone album), but Goldfrapp’s explanation of the title is more of a random coincidence than another tribute. “We were jamming, and the word ‘Cerrone’ just came out of my mouth,” she says. “Subconsciously, maybe I was thinking of Cerrone, but it wasn’t something in the front and center of my mind. The ‘Houdini’ part came because I was reading a book about him and the whole idea of escapism. I used this as a metaphoric idea about an ex-boyfriend who tried to escape from as many situations as possible.”

And when you see the video for Cerrone’s Supernature you can perhaps see the influence he’s had on Goldfrapp… Compare it

to perhaps Number 1, A&E or Alive (videos below), and perhaps even a little Rocket. I think I’ve found a brilliant new French musician to enjoy!

Or perhaps as was pointed out to me after I posted this perhaps Cerrone’s animal head and shaky camera fetish had more of an influence on Goldfrapp’s video for Train:


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