I love my holidays. I live going away, in particular going abroad, visiting new places, seeing things, getting away from the routine of my normal life. I especially love eating out, drinking, partying, taking photos and lazing in the sun. Perhaps it’s because I’m going to change jobs shortly but on this holiday in particular iwas able to relax the second I got there.

But normally I’m happy to come back. When you’ve exhausted your stock of underwear and tshirts, you crave home-cooked food or the company of friends you know it’s time to go home. But not this time – I’m very sad to have just landed home from Barcelona. I could have stayed so much longer. Returning, on thisoccasion, is hard to do.

At least over the coming days I will have the opportunity to post photos and tell people all about it.

Sadly my tan is almost non existant. When it comes to a choice between Factor 50 and sunburn, I’d choose the former every time.


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