I’m moving flat. I last moved flat just a year ago, although I’ve lived in different parts of Camden Town for years.

Yesterday I got a set of keys that kinda scared me. Keys to my own flat – well, a flat that I own 25% of. You think I could afford my own flat in NW1?! Pah!

It’s taken three days to pack so far. And I’m about 80% done (just those fiddly little bits left, very annoying!). The more I think about the packing the more I realise just how much stuff we accumulate. I mean, is this what life is? Belongings? Earn the money, buy things – big things, little things.

I must have given hundreds of pounds worth of CDs and VHS Videos to a charity shop. I must have thrown so many things I’ve spent money I have earned on away. And what for? Why did I own them in the first place?

I guess that owning ‘stuff’ is more tangible than spending money on things like holidays, food or experiences. But Is it not still a waste? Am I to blame or is it the consumerist society?

Perhaps moving to my new flat which is – necessarily – smaller (so I can afford it!) means I’ll have to re-evaluate my life of ‘stuff’ and make my life a one of meaning, of emotions, of ‘things’ that mean something – tangible, or intangible.

2 Responses to Stuff!

  1. Caspar says:

    Moving and decluttering can be very theraputic. I seriously considered moving last year just because I looked around and realised I was surrounded by objects I had no connection with whatsoever. I imagine if I owned a place and knew I’d be there permanently, could fill it how I liked and make it look the way I wanted, I’d be more particular about what I bought and placed in my space but knowing that within a few years it’ll all be packed up, some dumped, much moved.

    I have a friend who’s travelling the world, living off his wages (freelance designer, working for an agency) as he goes. All his belongings are in one suitcase. He’s been living in an airport in Madrid for the last week, waiting for his next wage to arrive, it’s a lifestyle that both horrifies me and fills me with admiration.

    I’m doing some minor de-cluttering this weekend (mostly as I’m getting rid of a massive fish tank that has made it impossible to do much with my lounge!) and will be donating several bags of clothes and books to charity shops. Like you, I wonder why I spent so much on objects that have mattered so little.

  2. Adam Knowles says:

    I like the line ‘stop trying to have more, try to be more’. I later realised it has a double meaning, if you accept it’s impossible to become anything beyond what you already are.

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