New Year’s Resolutions

31 December 2009

So I always say I never make New Year Resolutions. The truth is I do. I just don’t tell anyone. The reason I don’t tell anyone is because, inevitably, they fail. Whether it’s after a week, a month, or six months, they always fail.

I guess that it’s bound to happen. You set yourself up with a challenge; usually a negative one. With no end-point, no measure of success other than for the whole year “I will not do X”. It’s impossible. How can you keep it up over the whole year?

Why should resolutions be negative anyway? What a terrible way to start the new year. Maybe I should just give up on the resolutions. Resolve not to change a thing. Well, that’s what I had thought until I saw a tweet saying “2010 wont be any different to 2009 unless you make it different”.

Now with a challenge like that, there’s no way I could say no. So I have to make some resolutions. The challenge: new years resolutions that are a change for the good, a positive, that you will be able to keep through the whole year. Something that’s relative to 2009, not abstract.

So here goes, in 2010 I will:

  • Love a little more;
  • Worry a little less;
  • Be more honest;
  • Be a little smarter;
  • Pause a little more;
  • Keep up the exercise;
  • Say what’s on my mind, but not so much that it’s destructive;
  • Work a little harder, but not drive myself into the ground;
  • Be a little more me.

Merry Christmas

26 December 2009

Merry Christmas from WH Smiths in the midlands. on sale by 23 December. seriously guys, Christmas hadn’t even arrived!

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