Tweet n Whine

Did i touch a nerve with my moaning minnie post about those grumbling, whiney whingers who do nothing but moan moan moan and complain? I think I may have done. I have nothing against getting what you’re due, I have nothing against complaining about bad service, but – let’s be clear – this, and  “life’s crap” whinging, are not the same thing.

Like I said if I get a bad service I will complain – whether it’s to the waiter who made me wait too long, the hotel with the broken toilet or my MP who voted for the Iraq war. But whinging is a reprehensible disease (let’s call it daily-mail-fever or have-your-say-itis) which not only drags yourself down but all those whom you carelessly sneeze over…

I think I’ve insulted my new-found friends over at LondonComplains (oops), here’s our twitter corresponace:

  • me: @LondonComplains please get lost you whinging twits (OK I admit, I started it… hehe… but did they really think I’d be at all interested in following their depressing tweets? I thought I put it fairly eloquently anyway…)
  • LC: Thanks for the insult. If you think being sick of the way our taxes are wasted & we’re maligned is ‘whinging’ then you need help!
  • me: nobody thinks taxes should be wasted but I actually have a life and would rather enjoy it than whining about tubes&parking
  • LC: So instead you’re whining about the people you think are whining about tubes& parking. And you claim to have a life? Methinks not
  • me: i’m not whinging about you, I’m pointing out the fallacies of your tweets (here I linked to my blog just so they could actually see what I thought about their grumpy whineyness)
  • me: i’d love to continue this conversation but i’m off out for dinner with a friend (I told you I have a life)
  • LC: Haha I’ve seen your page. You’re the saddest geek round these parts, and that’s saying something.. now run along. *pats head* (ah yes, run along little boy… but *score* they’ve seen my blog before, good to know…)
  • me: what an intelligent comeback *yawns* (and at this point I ran out of the door on the way to dinner)
  • LC: Er, isn’t there some trendy eaterie [sic] you should be polluting right now so you can post tweets tomorrow about what you ate? Idiot.. (why the ‘saddest geek round these parts’ would possibly be going to a trendy eatery is beyond any logical comprehension, but why should that surprise me… but actually I enjoyed a very nice two-for-one pizza with my friend Andrew at Pizza Express thank you very much…)

And just for anyone who missed that, half an hour later

  • LC: Been twittering 24 hours and already some wet wally’s seen fit to write an ESSAY on his own site about how we offend his delicate graces. Ha

…and it was very kind of them to give a ‘floppy noodle’ (as they called me) some publicity…

Now, like I’ve said before, I have no problem with people who can put together an eloquent argument, possibly a paragraph or two, explaining what they think, even if they don’t explain why they think so in detail. But splurging out this tripe over the net just because it’s easy is simply sneezing your phlegmmy germs of depression over everyone around you…

Fine, complain to someone, write to your MP or vote him out, tell someone what you think, but don’t moan and whine, it’s not attractive, it’s a depressive disease and you could be doing something far more life-affirming – something that’ll make you happy or that may, heaven forbid, actually change something…

3 Responses to Tweet n Whine

  1. darkaeon says:

    “Been twittering 24 hours and already some wet wally’s seen fit to write an ESSAY on his own site about how we offend his delicate graces. Ha”

    Loving your work CP, loving your work! :oP x

  2. darkaeon says:

    Argh – smiley fail! Sorry!

  3. Caspar says:

    I can’t stand miserable people in real life, I just want to slap them :p the thought of setting up a site JUST TO RANT… ugh. I bet the readers get pleasure out of reading other peoples gripes too. Sad sad sad.

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