Do I look like the kind of moaning minnie…

…who likes those scaremongering, negative, ‘have your say’ style splurgerubbish stories? You know the kind of stuff – things like Facebook Causes Cancer and those whinging whiners who want to tell the world everything about it is rubbish?

You see, I don’t think I am. I think that they should stop moaning and get on with their lives. So why, today, do i have LondonComplains starting to follow me (ME) on Twitter?

This is the kind of moaning, whinging, “isn’t the world crap”, Jeremy Clarkson rubbish that is the mindset Daily Mail-believing moaners have gotten themselves into. And, you know what actually scares me – they actually believe they are right…

They actually spend their time, expend their energy, complaining about things like this, apparently:

  • For how long will London’s tube system continue its weekend paralysis? Last weekend no District, Central or Piccadilly lines. This is insane about the fact the tube’s over 100 years old and needs a bit of TLC?
  • DLR Eastbound stopped for 17 minutes this morning at approx.10.30… broken signal at Westferry. Very late for my job interview. Pathetic… things break, get over it – and ‘very’ late after 17 minutes? Maybe you should have left earlier…
  • Last Saturday (28th Feb) Whitechapel – 200 strong Islamic fundamentalist group protesting for Sharia Law / Jihad in London. Police watch … what do you want them to do? Idiot…
  • Car taken by council last week – permit ran out. Was told £200 fine, turned out to be £350! Was I told of daily £25 fees when I called? NO why not pay your permit?

Oh and in case you didn’t get it – the ‘bio’ tells us this account is run by lots of people, all sick of London’s broken, cheating, stealing, greedy rulemakers…

It’s not that I don’t believe in complaining (heck, complaining about actual things wrong is getting me some special treatment at a Manchester hotel this weekend)… BUT…

why not stop moaning and just enjoy your life? Call me narrow minded if you want but I just don’t see how spending you time, moaning, complaining and worrying will be life-affirming and, in any way, add to the quality of and enjoyment of your own life…

LondonComplains contributors – i feel sorry for you…


3 Responses to Do I look like the kind of moaning minnie…

  1. Barry Evans says:

    I only saw this blog of theirs after you posted, but I agree with them. If I’m on a broken tube for 20 mins and late for an interview, or my car is towed away for some minor infraction like forgetting to renew my permit by a few days, and I’m charged the price of a European holiday to get it back, why shouldn’t I complain? Are we so British that we just smile and accept all the bad treatment we’re dished out?!

  2. Lucy says:

    isnt there a case to be made that if everyone actually called the authorities to account on this stuff then something might finally, actually get done? or do we continue having the most expensive and least efficient services in the western world? Lucy

  3. thelayoftheland says:

    Barry, and Lucy,

    I have nothing against complaining (the Tube even make it eat for you – pick up a Customer Charter form in any station and claim the cost of your journey back if you’re delayed by more than 15 minutes) – but there’s a big difference between complaining to get something done and whinging and whining about things being rubbish…

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