Postcode Lottery

Postcode freakin lottery, gimme a frakin break. What a load of rubbish – I hear the phrase all the time and it’s  proponents complaining that it’s unfair.

A quick google search requires postcode lotteries of healthcare, recycling, disabled parking badges, rail refunds, even speed cameras.

This morning on Radio 4 there was talk of a ‘postcode lottery’ for autism care – depending which healthcare area you live in you get a different level of care. This followed a story on Planning (yes, not the sexiest of subjects) and a proposal to remove regional planning and leave it to local authorities to decide.

Now make up your minds – what do you want? Local autonomy or centralisation – because, whichever way you look at it autonomy will lead to some areas providing different levels of services by definition. If you choose to look at it by postcodes, that’s a postcode lottery. And the “dailymailirony” is that it tends to be the same people complaining about both things. Do they not see it?


One Response to Postcode Lottery

  1. Jim G says:

    You’re right of course, but people only seem to complain about postcode lotteries when they’re on the wrong end of them. The ‘winners’ tend not to care that other people are losing out – they may actually welcome it, e.g. some of those who benefit from living near the best schools. So it’s perfectly consistent with a particular model of ‘localisation’ – the model that ‘good’ areas shouldn’t have any of their wealth or privilege redistributed away to support ‘bad’ areas! ‘Localism’ as espoused by the Conservatives has a distinctly exclusionary tone to it.

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