A very full and quite cultural week

In addition to starting my new job this week, I’ve obviously been very busy:

  • On Saturday we went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and the Natural History Museum – well worth a visit to see some amazing, innovative and fascinating photography of wildlife, certainly the most difficult form of photography.
  • In the evening we had planned to see Slumdog Millionaire, however a ticket mishap meant we didn’t, and ended up seeing Milk instead, which was a fantastic surprise of a movie.
  • The first few days at work were enjoyable, I’ve returned to a place I used to work years ago – it felt like the first day at school…
  • The on Wednesday we got to see Slumdog finally which was very entertaining movie. It masquerades as a feel-good love story but is actually much more intense when you scratch beneath the surface. I’d imagine it’s definitely worth a second watch (or read my friend’s review here).
  • Thursday we finally got around to seeing Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990–2005.  The exhibition combined the photographer’s professional and personal photographs, including some of her most famous works and some very personal photographs such as those documenting the deaths of her father and long-term partner Susan Sontang.
  • This was followed by dinner at one of my favourite Indian restaurants, and curling up in bed watching a random gay movie “boy culture“, which I won’t bother to review…
  • Friday night and Popstarz at the Bloomsbury Ballroom (a venue which didn’t lend itself as well to the club as it did to the Sam Sparro gig, and which is nowhere near as good as those halcyon days at the Scala)
  • And yesterday we went to Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum.

Now, after a week of new job and doing lots how will I manage to cope with the currently plan-less next week?! I also have to decide which of last weeks experiences to blog on… decisions decisions…


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