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20 January 2009

Tales from the Tube

14 January 2009

Following my commitment to blog more I thought I’d make a decent start by linking to two other stories which I discovered about the tube.

I take the tube every working day of the week – sometimes more than twice and sometimes at weekends. Of course, living in Camden, I can avoid taking the tube at weekends more than most, instead option to travel above ground to most parts of London by bus, or train… The subterranean world always struck me as an odd place – tunnels where people are ferried from one place to another, particularly so in London where trains squeeze into tiny tunnels built, in some cases, over a century ago. It’s also a great leveller of society – morning rush hour with the businessman stood squashed in next to the cleaner, the drunk, the junkie, and the guy heading home from a hard nights clubbing who cannot stay awake and drunkenly knocks in to everyone around him.

Over the last 24 hours I’ve come across two different blog posts on the tube showing two completely seperate aspects but both looking at the human angle of the tunnels and trains.

The first, by Ben, about a woman on the Jubilee line and the ubiquitous Metro newspapers:

Well, I say read. It was more like her eyes just trickled randomly over its letters, failing to arrange them into anything more appealing before settling with a resigned frown upon Peter Mandelson’s nose. I took a few steps down the carriage and retrieved a thicker fold of newspaper, lifting back the cover to reveal the Metro and held it out to her. Her eyes lit up.

The second, linked to by my friend Caspar (via Google Reader and Friendfeed) about the night time on the Tube. People who complain about the tube not running 24-hours don’t seem to realise that it’s isn’t just shut down and the lights turned off between 12.30 and 5am… a whole army of people are at work (in particular ‘Fluffers’!)…

Both articles are well worth a read, and Time’s pictures are amazing… well worth a look and thought next time you’re down there…

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13 January 2009


11 January 2009

I had my lower right wisdom tooth out on Monday. It had been causing me a lot of pain since I had some dental work done on an adjacent tooth. But it’s still, nearly a week later, quite painful. I’m not sure whether it’s still painful because it’s healing, because some of the stitches haven’t yet disolved or because the surgery damaged the nerve. Needless to say that after a week of pain and being unable to eat anything substantially solid, i am really quite miserable.


Update: 1 hour later… internet answer, i think I have a dry socket(!)

Update 1 1/2 hours later… NHS Direct also think it’s a dry socket. I can most probably expect more pain and a longer healing process 😦

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10 January 2009

An apology

10 January 2009

It’s been a long time since I posted properly: sorry. I should have posted more often but a combination of how busy i have been and lethargy mostly!

In October I found out I had been accepted for a new job – this coming week is the last in my current job – so I have been working very hard trying to make sure all the loose ends are tied up. I’ll probably have to work this weekend to make sure there’s not too much unfinished when I leave. I’ve also been using my remaiing holiday with trips to Stockholm, Dublin and Munich as well as home to the parents for Christmas and Manchester for new year. And, finally, I have been in agony for the last week after having a wisdom tooth removed – well not quite agony but at least getting woken up by shooting pains in the middle of the night!

I didn’t make a new years resolution – I rarely do, because they never work. But if I did it would be to post more and/or regularly. Let’s just say that on this blog (and, when I can eat my chrisandjasonate blog) I’m gonna try!

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9 January 2009

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