Oh well, that’s alright then

Since my last post, Homophobia, the City, the Church and why it’s wrong, I saw that Reverend Peter Mullen published a column saying “Why I was wrong”. He says

“I much regret making some off-colour jokes about homosexuals on my website and I have offered a full public apology. I made those remarks and they are the responsibility of no one but myself. I repeat, I’m sorry I wrote what I did.”

I’m pleased to hear he apologises for his remarks – saying “Let us make it obligatory for homosexuals to have their backsides tattooed with the slogan SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH and their chins with FELLATIO KILLS. In addition the obscene “gay pride” parades and carnivals should be banned for they give rise to passive corruption, comparable to passive smoking”, and “There ought to be teaching films shown in sex education classes in all our schools. These would portray acts of sodomy and the soundtrack would reinforce the message that it is a filthy practice”.

Of course – in his apology – he goes on to say he supported the decriminalisation of homosexuality, but that gay people should stop there. He implies his main point is about Gay Pride similar parades (although it only appear to be ‘in addition’ in his original comments). He says that he opposes “the corrupting influence of the promotional parades of homosexuality by such as Gay Pride demonstrations”.

The Reverend is making the same snide assertions that are damaging as Section 28 did in the 1980s. He implies that homosexuality is promoted (as if people will become gay through watching and enjoying a pride parade) and thereby implies gay people should not be allowed to seek equality. He ignores the destructive way that being made to be, not just feel like, an outsider is damaging.

The Reverend himself talks about the suicide of Shaun Dykes in an earlier column, but ignores the fact that comments like those he makes can have a damaging effect, as I very clearly set out in my last column:

This is one week after Shaun Dykes, a gay teenager in Derby, was goaded and jeered by a crowd – filming him on mobile phones and shouting “jump you [followed by a stream of expletives]” – into killing himself (a story which made very little press) and another similar suicide in Manchester. It is also the same week as a United Nations committee has called on the UK to take “urgent measures” to fight intolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans young people.

Thank you, Reverend, for your apology but – whether you meant it or not – you should know better and realise what damage you do. As I said last time, your comments are nothing but damaging.


5 Responses to Oh well, that’s alright then

  1. jonolan says:

    Or…He saying that the government should not try to legislate acceptance. Equality under the law is proper; trying to force people to condone – even passively – behavior that they find reprehensible is just plain wrong.

  2. thelayoftheland says:

    i have no problem with differences of opinion and I would never expect him to condone something he finds reprehensible, but he’s suggesting less than equality and doesn’t realise how “off colour jokes” can be damaging to individuals, and damaging to equal opportunities and even the very lowest forms of acceptance.

  3. jonolan says:

    I agree; all those things are vile and will hopefully ease one day. I also agree with Reverend’s implied stance that it’s not the place of the government to stop such behavior as a whole. You can’t legislate acceptance.

  4. cosmodaddy says:

    Well no you can’t legislate acceptance, but you can (and should) legislate against the promotion of irrational hate. Him having issues with all aspects of gay life are indeed his personal, private issues, which you can’t force him to change. But he should be condemned within an inch of his life for promoting this garbage, based as it is on hating an entire subgroup of his fellow humans based on ignorance. Fearing, misunderstanding, finding reprehensible based on justifiable reasons make sense to most people. He just offers no justifiable reasons.

  5. jonolan says:

    Are you a Christian, cosmodaddy? If you’re not – especially if you’re an atheist – then you’ll never accept any of the justifications and/or reasons presented by Rev. Mullen.

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