world of work

I was reading an amusing post today on the London Word – talking about callous world of work in a London advertising job:

When I accepted employment as an account manager at a London advertising agency my nearest and dearest patted me on the back and sent me off to the frontline… My first boss at the ad agency was a venomous blackguard with an IOU from God where her soul should be. She was a fully operating exoskeleton with a latex cover for reality. Callous, cold and heartless are the key words on her biog… other superhuman traits include heightened selfishness, talking through ass 24/7 and the ability not to care about ANYBODY; even their own wives and children…

Which got me thinking. Unlike the author, I am lucky enough to be doing a job I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Even the computers in the Careers Centre at school when I was a kid always chose my job in the top three of the “careers” they planned out for me… I guess though, working in the public sector (for now, at least) is quite different. Regardless of the political anxieties and pressures of the job at least I don’t have to put up with quite the same c*ntishness that the self-obsessed power-hungry son-of-Thatcher jobs London exudes. At least I’ve got a career that I enjoy and work somewhere I can be myself (singing in the office and all). I’m not one of the many lost souls in soulless or soul-destroying jobs earning a buck to keep myself in tins of beans. I’m lucky – I shouldn’t forget that.


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