meow! (splash) (II)

Good advice from a Guardian Comment is Free blogger* for Tom Daley and Blake Aldridge following their little spat yesterday:

…hang on a minute. You’re eighth in the world at a sport! Admittedly, a slightly weird sport, but eighth! That’s brilliant! I’m not eighth in the world at anything. I’m probably not even the eighth best Carrie Quinlan in the world, because I know for a fact there’s one who’s a star on the University of Buffalo swim team. Eighth in the world, dude! Do you know how many people there are in the world? Loads, probably. Definintely more than nine. Well done, the pair of you.

She has a very good point. and made me thoroughly depressed… it could of course be worse, while googling my own post from yesterday i came across a similarly titled one about Kevin’s boring life and his night of being kept awake by amorous cats… it’s amazing what you can find online!

( * = despite the Guardian sending me hunting the wrong tinyurl … what on earth is Gaia online?) PS – this is update on the pair I posted reference to yesterday as well…

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