meow! (splash)

I rather enjoyed this morning’s synchronised diving – it even made me late for work… and the news that the British pair came last was quite a disappointment – more so for the two divers – the older of the two ‘blamed’ his partner:

It’s a synchro team, there’s two of us, and that’s the hard thing about it,” Aldridge said. “Both of you have to be on your game at the same time and that just didn’t happen today. Thomas is 14 years old. He’s done phenomenally and for me to be a part of a partnership with him is a great thing. I knew, going into this Olympic Games, that we were capable of a medal, but I also knew that it depended on how Tom performed. I wasn’t on the top of my game, but I out-dived Thomas today and that’s not something that normally happens. That to me is because he had a lot more pressure on him than I did.

…of course blame is a rather strong choice of word for a rather eloquent explanation of how things turned out…

I feel sorry for Blake Aldridge – and it looks to me as though he wasn’t so much blaming his partner as the hype mounded on him by an over-expectant media. My disdain for the media and it’s way of ‘reporting’ things is one thing that really irritates me – though perhaps more understandable when you’re talking about the Olympics! But – while he’s the youngest of the two – it’s quite unfair that reporting – and therefore pressure – has focused so much on him, not the partnership.

Anyway, aside from the two of them I also realised that it’s a fun sport to watch, not just for the dives, but the divers too 😉
(more details on those two here and here)


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