Multicultural London

From Dave Hill at the Guardian:

Pandering to prejudices about multiculturalism isn’t difficult until you find yourself in charge of the most multicultural city on earth and maybe discover that this isn’t an aberration forced on Londoners by Trotskyites but is, in fact, its authentic character. Deleting the GLA post of women’s adviser is one thing, deleting the principal of equal opportunities another. Feeding off resentments of funding for causes like anti-racism can work for you in opposition, but in power you may discover that these might not have been mere ruses for squandering taxpayers’ money on your allies after all: especially when you have a BNP man at your elbow at mayor’s question time.

London really is a city like no other. It is far more open to other cultures than any other city in the world through both an national economic openness allowing people to come and settle here and cultural advantages, especially language. Other major world cities have similar qualities, but none is as open as London.

A melting pot where the ingredients are constantly changing surely needs more than just a celebration of it’s diversity. It needs a carrot and a stick. It needs leadership which gives guidance as well as nice words – like a mother who knows when to scold a child and when to let the child relish in play.

Dave’s article is well worth a read.

4 Responses to Multicultural London

  1. southernvoice says:

    Are you kidding. Multi culturalism has destroyed WASP culture, religion and heritage. Every WASP country is under stress and the white people are oppressed with the political correctness bullshit.

    If diversity were a good thing we wouldn’t need political correctness. When people of color out number WASPs then they can take over, not because they are smart or progressive but simply because they breed like flies. Thanks but I don’t wish to live in any country they are in charge of.

    Never in history that I know of has any country survived intact when there is multiculturalism. Whoever the ruling elites are they will favor those of their own ethinc group at the expense of the general welfare. Thats the reality.

    Jews now run the US government and they have literally changed everything that our forefathers gave to us and changed the meaning of what it means to be American and now the entire world hates us and I don’t blame them.

    Jews gave us multi culturalism so that they wouldn’t stand out as a minority and they could take over our governments, NOT because it was in the general welfare which is the point.

    Multi culturalism is why WASPs are emigrating from the great cities they have built which of course will crumble without them.

    No worries. The Jews will have Israel.

  2. thelayoftheland says:

    I approved the above comment because I think it’s important to hear both sides of the argument and I think that it is self-evidently a wrong and racist opinion. I think this is much more the case when you take into account the history and context of London. If Southernvoice wants to read more on the past history of immigration to London then he/she could start here:

    I also hope Southernvoice reads my other posts re Heinz etc.

  3. southernvoice says:

    Of course its racism – its always about race – it only becomes racist or a bad thing when white people do it. Therefore I refuse to keep silent any longer.

    Thanks for being open minded and allowing all opinions – its not right that minorities can take away free speech if they disagree with what you say. If there is anything I hate its the enforcers of political correctness who censor others after they themselves have bloviated about something.

  4. southernvoice says:

    PS It is white people who stand to lose the most – we certainly should have a say about immigration and what happens to our own countries. Its not the right of foreigners to come to our countries it is up to us to say what we want.

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