Gay Pride and the Military

DarkAeon has posted an article from The Times which states that Army personnell can now march in their uniforms at this year’s gay pride in London – bringing them in line with the RAF and Navy, and police.

Although I find the tone of the start of the article slightly judgemental, stereotyping about combat trousers and dog tags, it is, nevertheless, positive news…

2 Responses to Gay Pride and the Military

  1. darkaeon says:

    Believe it or not, but I believe that the article was written by a fellow gay – so perhaps they meant their tone to come across as tongue in cheek maybe? I know I write a lot of stuff which unintentionally could be perceived as tongue in cheek and I get a few people at work come up to m and look at me all puzzled and go “ZOMG! REALLY?!” :-\ hehe.

  2. thelayoftheland says:

    OK then!

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