Gay Pride and the Military

18 June 2008

DarkAeon has posted an article from The Times which states that Army personnell can now march in their uniforms at this year’s gay pride in London – bringing them in line with the RAF and Navy, and police.

Although I find the tone of the start of the article slightly judgemental, stereotyping about combat trousers and dog tags, it is, nevertheless, positive news…

Rise Update

18 June 2008

Interesting updates to the Rise story provided by both the Mayor’s cultural adviser at the Guardian Comment is Free website, and an initial response to it by Dave Hill here which says:

There’s a proper debate to be had about anti-racism, multiculturalism and GLA arts funding, but I don’t think Mirza’s piece contributed much to it. Gratuitous swipes against Lee Jasper do not advance the case for change and neither do airy urgings to “trust the people.”

I’m not sure how “doing anti-racism for real” (for a few hours of festival) is compensation for an event which envouraged it for 365 days a year… The Tory Troll brings a more sinister angle here with the BNP’s response to dropping the anti-racism message.

Not sure if the issue was raised at Mayor’s Questions today but would like to find out



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