Italy: where to go?

We have been planning a trip to Italy for some time. However, unforeseen circumstances mean we are rather frantically trying to organise exactly what we’re doing and when! What we DO know is we get into Milan by train mid-afternoon on the 5th July, we then have a train to Rome (which we can change if we want or need to) and we’re leaving on a night train from Florence on 18th. Pretty much everything’s up for grabs around that. The original plan had been Rome for a week, Tuscany for a week. We’re desperate for a bit of beach and trying to decide if there are any decent ones in Tuscany… we saw this rather attractive looking place but a lot of other beaches in Tuscany are apparently rather over-developed and with sections of beach owned by hotels – which isn’t really what we’re after. Terracina is another option. Do we want to head up to Tuscan beaches or go somewhere else for a bit of sea and sand first before Tuscany?

I simply can’t decide… we’ve posted a Thorntree entry so if anyone has any advice feel free to share it with us!


3 Responses to Italy: where to go?

  1. Caspar says:

    Have you tried Wikitravel?
    It’s a fab site for finding out really detailed information about destinations. I wish I’d had their page about New York before going there. And I really loved their London page, despite living here for six years, there was loads of stuff I found useful on it! I haven’t looked to see how good their Italy info is but if it’s as good as those pages it’s worth checking out.

  2. Cinque Terre. Five coastal villages. Beauty that will take your breath away…
    July might be a little crowded though…

  3. NonnaLou says:

    This comment is probably too late for you, but perhaps it may help someone else planning a holiday in Italy.

    I’d recommend South Lazio, and the resorts of Sperlonga and Gaeta, which have numerous fantastic golden sandy beaches.

    We used to live in the UK, but came to this part of Italy several times on holiday.
    We liked it so much we decided to sell up and move to Italy permanently.
    We now live in Itri, near Sperlonga and love it!!!

    For more info please check out our Blogs :

    Ciao for now !!!

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