Opinion-former or moraliser?

Nothing irritates me more than reading overly opinionated pieces by journalists who I would imagine should know what they’re talking about. I’ve read many things he gets wrong but some pieces can be very offensive, especially when the you look at results of a philosophy of cutting spending… It’s easy to ignore a lot of the very good work that hasbeen done to help the very people Gilligan rightly recognises as being disadvantaged and it’s very wrong to belittle the work to blind cyclists and gay bengalis. That’s not the case. Gilligan seems to think that we live in a London that is too politically correct… he seems to forget that there are problems of discrimination and disadvantage that a Mayor of a city of 7 million people, squeezed in together, needs to think about. Cutting down spending is one thing but opinion pieces which over-emphasise lies about over-spending on trivial matters serve to sweep those who still face discrimination and disadvantage under the carpet…

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