9 June 2008

I have recently discovered the joys of iGoogle… being an avid Gmail user I am usually logged in to what they like to call my Google Account. I have, however, always been bemused by RSS feeds so clicking randomly on them I realised I could add feeds to a ‘Google Homepage’. I now have three pages (I am sure I will get more) one with my gmail and blogs I read quite regularly for personal or work reasons, feeds from newspapers or work journals and even my gmail and TfL updates… I no longer need to search through multiple websites each day, I get it all in one place!

I haven’t worked out yet, though, whether that means it’s time saving or whether sitting in front of it as I listen to Radio 4 with my coffee in the mornings means I’m wasting time when I should really be heading to work!

the importance of independence

9 June 2008

Trying to pass something off as one thing when it’s another is something i think we’re used to from politicans of all persuasions… No matter how trivial or important… but I am glad to see sense when it comes to a supposedly independent investigation into the possible financial irregularities so over-stated by andrew gilligan and i think it’s quite right for the former Mayor to cooperate in the appropriate way (i.e. not for an investigation run by somebody with clear political bias and which has been over-emphasizing any allegations)…

Scrutiny of possible irregularities and the policies of politicians is vital, but shouldn’t be passed off as something it isn’t, surely…

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